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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2018Project ManagementICT 3244English/ TamilComputer Teaching Unit
2018Library and Information ManagementLIM 411English/ Sinhala/ TamilScience & Technology Education
2018Database ManagementICT 2216Sinhala / English / TamilComputer Teaching Unit
2018Tourism Economics and Hotel ManagementENH 3247Sinhala / English-
2018Urban Environment and ManagementGYG 3264Sinhala / English / TamilGeography
2018Disaster Management and PrepardnessGYG 3265Sinhala / EnglishGeography
2018Project ManagementICT 3244Sinhala / English / TamilComputer Teaching Unit
2018Hotel Management and Human Resource DevelopmentDTTEHM 05EnglishEconomics
2018Management Process & PracticesMFE 12EnglishEconomics
2018Operations ManagementMKT 2312EnglishMarketing