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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2016Management Theory and Practice / කළමනාකරණ න්‍යාය හා පරිචයECN 2231Sinhala/ EnglishEconomics
2016Strategic Management AccountingACT 2200EnglishAccounting
2016Working Capital ManagementACT 2203EnglishAccounting
2016Strategic ManagementBEC 2310EnglishBusiness Economics
2016International Financial ManagementFIN 2208EnglishFinance
2016Risk Management and InsuranceFIN 2207EnglishFinance
2016Performance ManagementHRM 2205EnglishHuman Resource Management
2016Compensation ManagementHRM 2204 -EnglishHuman Resource Management
2016Knowledge ManagementHRM 2211EnglishHuman Resource Management
2016Strategic ManagementFIN 2310EnglishFinance