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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2018Financial MarketsECN 3265Sinhala / English / TamilEconomics
2018Economics of financial markets and policyECN 3264EnglishEconomics
2018Central Banking and Financial RegulationECM 3267Sinhala / English / TamilEconomics
2018Financial Institutions and MarketsFIN 2227EnglishFinance
2018Advanced Financial AccountingACT 2311EnglishAccounting
2018Financial Institutions and Markets (Repeat)FIN 1200EnglishFinance
2018Intermediate Financial AccountingECN 3149English / SinhalaEconomics
2018Advanced Financial Accounting (Repeat)ACT 1200EnglishAccounting
2018Financial EconometricsBEC 2209EnglishBusiness Economics
2018Financial EconometricsFIN 2202EnglishFinance