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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2018Principles of EconomicsECN 1103Sinhala/ English/ TamilEconomics
2018Economics of Human Resource ManagementECN 2220Sinhala / EnglishEconomics
2018Intermediate Macro EconomicsECN 2226Sinhala / English / TamilEconomics
2018The World EconomyECN 2228 / ENH 2216English-
2018Economics of financial markets and policyECN 3264EnglishEconomics
2018Transport Economics and Policy AnalysisECN 3282EnglishEconomics
2018Industrial Economics and PolicyECN 3273EnglishEconomics
2018Econometric AnalysisECN 3255EnglishEconomics
2018Comparative Economic SystemsECN 3284EnglishEconomics
2018Tourism Economics and Hotel ManagementENH 3247Sinhala / English-