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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2016මුල්‍යනය හැඳින්වීමECN 2213SinhalaEconomics
2016Financial EconomicsBEC 2206EnglishBusiness Economics
2016MicrofinanceBEC 2208EnglishBusiness Economics
2016Financial Reporting and AnalysisFIN 2201EnglishFinance
2016Strategic FinanceFIN 2200EnglishFinance
2016Advanced Corporate Finance (Second half)MBAFI 601English-
2016Seminar: Contemporary Problems in Finance (Second half)MBAFI 602English-
2016Financial Markets (First half)MBAFI 611English-
2016Public Finance (Semester II)MECON 505EnglishEconomics
2016Financial MarketsDED 508EnglishEconomics