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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2016Independent Study; First Language Acquisition and BilingualismENG 4283EnglishEnglish
2016Language Policy and PlanningENG 4282EnglishEnglish
2016John Milton's Paradise LostENG 4271EnglishEnglish
2016Postcolonial African WritingENG 4277EnglishEnglish
2016Introduction to Poetry and Poetry CriticismENG 1202EnglishEnglish
2016The History of the English LanguageENG 2224EnglishEnglish
2016The History of the English LanguageENG 2216EnglishEnglish
2016Metaphysical And Neo-Classical PoetryENG 2121EnglishEnglish
2016Structural and Functional Approaches to the English LanguageENG 2137EnglishEnglish
2016Metaphysical and Neo-Classical PoetryENG 2128EnglishEnglish