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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2017Marketing ManagementMKT-1300EnglishMarketing
2018Consumer Studies and MarketingENH 3242 / ELT 3250Sinhala / English-
2017Rural Development and Agricultural Marketing;ECN 2225Sinhal / EnglishEconomics
2017Marketing Theory and PracticeECN 2217Sinhala / English / TamilEconomics
2016Marketing Management (Semester II First half)MBA 536English-
2016Services Marketing (Semester III Second half)MBAMK 620English-
2016Seminar in Marketing (Second Half))MBAMK 602English-
2016Services Marketing (Second half)MBAMK 620English-
2016Strategic Marketing (Second Half)MBAMK 610English-
2016International Marketing (Semester IV First half)MBAMK 622English-