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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2017Bank Management (Second-half)MBAFI 614English-
2017Bank Management (Second-half)MBAFI 614English-
2017Management Information Systems (Trimester II)MBA 5106English-
2017Contemporary Management Thought (Trimester II)MBA 5105English-
2017Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (Semester III Second-half)MBAGM 614English-
2017Managing for Quality (Semester III Second-half)MBAGM 615English-
2017Customer Service Management (Second- half)MBAMK 612English-
2017Investment Management (Semester III Second - half)MBAFI 610English-
2017Operations ManagementMKT 1301EnglishMarketing
2016Customer Relationship ManagementMKT 1201EnglishMarketing