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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2017History of Sri Lankan MuslimsICV 2123TamilArabic & Islamic Civilization
2017History of Buddhist Thought IBST 2122SinhalaBuddhist Studies
2017History of the English LanguageENG 2116EnglishEnglish
2017New Directions in History WritingHIS 2123Sinhala/ EnglishHistory
2017History of Colonialism IHIS 2137Sinhala/ EnglishHistory
2017Sri Lanka and World HistoryHIS 1202English / SinhalaHistory
2017History of Colonialism in Sri Lanka IIHIS 3272Sinhala / EnglishHistory
2017Development History - Policies and Problems in Sri LankaPgDED 5207EnglishEconomics
2017history of CapitalismHIS 3164English / SinhalaHistory
2018Themes in History of the Middle EastHIS 3171English / SinhalaHistory