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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2017MacroeconomicsBEC 1303EnglishBusiness Economics
2017Managerial EconomicsMOS 2216EnglishManagement and Organization Studies
2017International Poilitical EconomyINR 3157Sinhala/ EnglishInternational Relations
2017Geopotitics and Economy of East AsiaINR 3169Sinhala/ EnglishInternational Relations
2017MicroeconomicsECN 2119EnglishEconomics
2017Introduction to Islamic EconomicsICV - 2117TamilArabic & Islamic Civilization
2017Economics of Human Resource ManagementECN 2120Sinhala/ EnglishEconomics
2017Intermediate MicroeconomicsECN 2116Sinhala/ English/ TamilEconomics
2017The World EconomyECN 2128Sinhala/ EnglishEconomics
2017MacroeconomicsECN 2115EnglishEconomics