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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2018Financial EconomicsBEC 2206EnglishBusiness Economics
2018Labour EconomicsBEC 2205EnglishBusiness Economics
2018Economics of OrganizationsBEC 2211EnglishBusiness Economics
2017Managerial Economics (Semester I - Second half) RepeatMBA 534English-
2017Financial Econometric (Semester III First-half)MBAFI 616English-
2017Financial Econometric (First-half)MBAFI 616English-
2017Global Economic Trends (Semester IV - Second half)MB ABE 614English-
2018Economics of Human Resource ManagementECN 2120English / SinhalaEconomics
2018Intermediate MicroeconomicsECN 2116English / Sinhala / TamilEconomics
2018Inter mediate MacroeconomicsECN 2126English / SinhalaEconomics