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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2018Financial EconometricsBEC 2209EnglishBusiness Economics
2018Industrial EconomicsBEC 2303EnglishBusiness Economics
2018Financial EconometricsFIN 2202EnglishFinance
2018Development EconomicsBEC 2203EnglishBusiness Economics
2018Financial EconomicsBEC 2206EnglishBusiness Economics
2018Labour EconomicsBEC 2205EnglishBusiness Economics
2018Economics of OrganizationsBEC 2211EnglishBusiness Economics
2018Economics of Human Resource ManagementECN 2120English / SinhalaEconomics
2018Intermediate MicroeconomicsECN 2116English / Sinhala / TamilEconomics
2018Inter mediate MacroeconomicsECN 2126English / SinhalaEconomics