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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2021StatisticsGYG 2217EnglishGeography
2017සමකාලීන සමාජ හා පාරිසරික ගැටලුGYG 3267SinhalaGeography
2018ජෛව භූගෝල විද්‍යාවGYG 3253SinhalaGeography
2017Urban enviroment and managementGYG 3264English / SinhalaGeography
2017Quantitative analysisGYG 3262EnglishGeography
2018Quantitative analysisGYG 3262EnglishGeography
2017BiogeographyGYG 3253English / SinhalaGeography
2018BiogeographyGYG 3253EnglishGeography
2016Past climate and climate change-EnglishGeography
2019පුරා-දේශගුණය සහ දේශගුණ වෙනස්වීම්GYG 3150Sinhala/TamilGeography