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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2022International financeECN 4172EnglishEconomics
2022Environmental economicsECN 4175EnglishEconomics
2021Planning of shipping and port operationECN-4162EnglishEconomics
2021Marine standards and regulationsECN 4161EnglishEconomics
2021Practice of bankingECN-4168EnglishEconomics
2020Economics of banking and financial marketsECN 4169EnglishEconomics
2021Economics of sea and air transportECN 4184EnglishEconomics
2022Entrepreneurial economicsECN 4179EnglishEconomics
2021Alternative economic thoughtECN 4170EnglishEconomics
2021Quantitative techniquesECN 4182EnglishEconomics