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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2021Sampline techniquesECN 4183EnglishEconomics
2021Alternative economic thoughtECN 4170EnglishEconomics
2021Practice of bankingECN 4168EnglishEconomics
2021Trade facilitationECN 4171EnglishEconomics
2021Time series econometrics, financial sector econometrics modelsECN 4190/94EnglishEconomics
2021Economics of sea and transportECN 4184EnglishEconomics
2021Ecomomics of risk managementECNEnglishEconomics
2021Gender and feminist economicsECN 4185EnglishEconomics
2021Labour economicsECN 4197EnglishEconomics
2022Entrepreneurial economicsECN 4179EnglishEconomics