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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2019Practice of BankingECN 4168EnglishEconomics
2019Data AnalyticsECN 4167EnglishEconomics
2019Advanced Econometrics time Series Financial Sector Economic ModelsECN 4190/4194EnglishEconomics
2019Economics of Banking and Financial MarketsECN 4169EnglishEconomics
2019Economics of Sea and Air TransportECN 4184EnglishEconomics
2019Economics of Risk ManagementECN 4191EnglishEconomics
2019Gender and Feminist EconomicsECN 4185EnglishEconomics
2019Labour EconomicsECN 4197EnglishEconomics
2020Entrepreneurial EconomicsECN 4179EnglishEconomics
2019Planning of shipping and port operationsECN 4162EnglishEconomics