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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2018Economics of Travel and TourismDTTEHM 01EnglishEconomics
2018Accountancy and Statistical AnalysisDTTEHM 03EnglishEconomics
2018Planning & Project Report PreparationDTTEHM 08EnglishEconomics
2018Hotel Management and Human Resource DevelopmentDTTEHM 05EnglishEconomics
2018Sri Lanka in the Context of Global TourismDTTEHM 05EnglishEconomics
2018Travel and Tourism MarketingDTTEHM 02EnglishEconomics
2018Travel and Tourism OperationsDTTEHM 04EnglishEconomics
2018International Finance and Financial InstitutionsMFE 04EnglishEconomics
2018Management Process & PracticesMFE 12EnglishEconomics
2018සංඛ්‍යාන ශිල්පක්‍රම හැදින්වීමECN 3144Sinhala / TamilEconomics