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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2017Tourism and Leisure ManagementHLM 2301EnglishMarketing
2017Hospitality and Tourism MarketingHLM 2303EnglishMarketing
2018Tourism Economics and Hotel ManagementENH 3247Sinhala / English-
2017Introduction to Tourism EconomicsECN 2221SInhala / English / TamilEconomics
2016Tourism Planning and Development Administration (Semester II)DTEHM C506EnglishEconomics
2016Managing Small Scale Enterprises in Tourism (Semester II)DTEHM S507EnglishEconomics
2018Tourism Product Designing and Quality Advancement (Semester II)DTEHM S506EnglishEconomics
2016Human Resource Management for Tourism DevelopmentPg. DTEHM C505EnglishEconomics
2018Tourism Planning and Development AdministrationDTEHM C506EnglishEconomics
2016Tourism Operation for Destination DevelopmentPg. DTEHM C501EnglishEconomics