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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2017Security AnalysisFIN 2205EnglishFinance
2016Financial Reporting and AnalysisFIN 2201EnglishFinance
2016Security AnalysisFIN 2205EnglishFinance
2017Conflict Analysis: Theory, Technique and PracticeINR 3143EnglishInternational Relations
2017Locational AnalysisGYG 2129Sinhala/ English/ TamilGeography
2018Statistical AnalysisECN 2238EnglishEconomics
2018Econometric AnalysisECN 3255EnglishEconomics
2018Quantitative AnalysisGYG 3262Sinhala / English / TamilGeography
2017Qualitative AnalysisSOC 3241Sinhala / EnglishSociology
2017Demographic Analysis - ප්‍රජාවිද්‍යා විශ්ලේෂණයDMG 2223Sinhala/ EnglishDemography