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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2020Human rights law-English / Sinhala/ TamilPublic & International Law
2020Environmental law-English / Sinhala/ TamilPublic & International Law
2020English - Level IV-EnglishEnglish language teaching
2020Intellectual Property Law-English / Sinhala/ TamilCommercial Law
2020Company law-English / Sinhala/ TamilCommercial Law
2020Jurisprudence-English/Sinhala/TamilPrivate and Comparative Law
2020Labor Law-English/Sinhala/TamilPrivate and Comparative Law
2020Tax law-English/Sinhala/TamilCommercial Law
2020Constitutional Law I-Sinhala/ English/ TamilPublic & International Law
2020Constitutional Law II-Sinhala/ English/ TamilPublic & International Law