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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2017Constitutional and Administrative LawACT 2226EnglishAccounting
2017Advanced Management AccountingACT 2301EnglishAccounting
2017Financial Reporting and RegulationsACT 2302EnglishAccounting
2017e-BusinessACT 2224EnglishAccounting
2017AuditingACT 2300EnglishAccounting
2017Environmental ManagementACT 2223 / HRM 2223 / MOS 2201EnglishAccounting
2017Crisis ManagementACT 2222 / BEC 2222 / FIN 2222 / HRM 2222 / INB 2222EnglishAccounting
2022Management information systemsACT 3202EnglishAccounting
2022Business process reengineeringACT 3206EnglishAccounting
2022Advanced management accountingACT 3203EnglishAccounting