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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2018Industrial LawHRM 2201/ MOS 2217/ INB 2217/ MKT 2217/ ACT 2217/ FIN 2217/ BEC 2217/ HLM 2217EnglishHRM
2018Contemporary Trends in Labour MarketHRM 2303EnglishHRM
2018Personality DevelopmentHRM 2207EnglishHRM
2018Research MethodsHRM 2309EnglishHRM
2018Comparative HRMHRM 2302EnglishHRM
2018Strategic Human Resource ManagementHRM 2202EnglishHRM
2018Knowledge ManagementHRM 2211EnglishHRM
2018Compensation ManagementHRM 2204EnglishHRM
2018Performance ManagementHRM 2205EnglishHRM
2018Team DevelopmentHRM 2210EnglishHRM