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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2016Approaches to Public Policy & AdministrationPSC 2220Sinhala/ English/ TamilPolitical Science
2016Methodology of Social Science ResearchPSC 2226Sinhala/ English/ TamilPolitical Science
2016Civil War and Peace Process in Comparative PerspectivePSC 2240Sinhala/ EnglishPolitical Science
2016Constitutional Law Theories and ApplicationPSC 2239Sinhala/ English/ TamilPolitical Science
2016Sri Lanka in Regional and Global PoliticsPSC 2235English/ TamilPolitical Science
2016Approaches to Comparative PoliticsPSC 2227Sinhala/ English/ TamilPolitical Science
2016Urban and Rural Politics in Sri LankaPSC 2238Sinhala/ EnglishPolitical Science
2017Approaches to Public Policy & AdministrationPSC 2220Sinhala / English / TamilPolitical Science
2017Constitutional Law: Theories and ApplicationsPSC 2239Sinhala / English / TamilPolitical Science
2017Approaches to Compartative PoliticsPSC 2227Sinhala / English / TamilPolitical Science