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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2016Modern EuropeHIS 2220Sinhala/ EnglishHistory
2016History of AmericasHIS 2239Sinhala/ EnglishHistory
2018ඉන්දීය සාගර ඉතිහාසයHIS 2224SinhalaHistory
2018History of ReligionsHIS 2236Sinhala/ EnglishHistory
2017ඉන්දියානු සාගරයේ ඉතිහාසයHIS 2224Sinhala / EnglishHistory
2017ඇමරිකාවල ඉතිහාසයHIS 2239Sinhala / EnglishHistory
2017ආගම්වල ඉතිහාසයHIS 2236Sinhala / EnglishHistory
2017නූතන යුරෝපයHIS 2220Sinhala / EnglishHistory
2018History of ReligionsHIS 2236English / SinhalaHistory
2018History of the AmericasHIS 2239English / SinhalaHistory