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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2016Demographic AnalysisDMG 2223Sinhala/ EnglishDemography
2016Migration StudiesDMG 2218Sinhala/ EnglishDemography
2016ජනගහනය හා ස්ත්‍රී පුරුෂ සමාජභාවයDMG 2234SinhalaDemography
2016ජනගහනය හා දරිද්‍රතාවයDMG 2233SinhalaDemography
2016Sexual and Reproductive HealthDMG 2225/ENH 2214Sinhala/ EnglishDemography
2016Introduction to Applied DemographyDMG 2231Sinhala/ EnglishDemography
2016Population and HealthDMG 2232Sinhala/ EnglishDemography
2016Demography of the FamilyDMG 2221Sinhala/ EnglishDemography
2017Introduction to Applied Demography - ව්‍යාවහාරික ප්‍රජාවිද්‍යා හැදින්වීමDMG 2231Sinhala/ EnglishDemography
2017Demographic Analysis - ප්‍රජාවිද්‍යා විශ්ලේෂණයDMG 2223Sinhala/ EnglishDemography