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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2019මධ්‍යකලින් සිංහල ගද්‍ය සාහිත්‍යය (ද්වතිය තරංගය )SLG 2229Sinhala-
2019Meteorology and climatologyGYG 2231English / SinhalaGeography
2019මාතර සාහිත්‍යයSLG 2235Sinhala-
2019Development perspectives of Sri LankaGYG 2234English / SinhalaGeography
2019සිංහල භාෂා විග්‍රහයSLG 2231Sinhala-
2019Medieval drama to 1642ENG 2230EnglishEnglish
2019MathematicsGYG 2225English / SinhalaGeography
2019StatisticsGYG 2217English / SinhalaGeography
2019English across the worldENG 2232English-
2019Locational models in geographyGYG 2232English / Sinhala/ TamilGeography