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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2010Business Ethics (Level I - Semester II)MKT 1100EnglishMarketing
2010Advertising Management (Level II seme V)MKT 2201EnglishMarketing
2010Agriculture Marketing (Level II seme V)MKT 2210EnglishMarketing
2010Sales Force Management (Level II seme V)MKT 2207EnglishMarketing
2010Consumer Behaviour (Level II seme V)MKT 2200EnglishMarketing
2010Brand Management (Level II seme V)MKT 2203EnglishMarketing
2010Services Marketing (Level II seme V)MKT 2202EnglishMarketing
2010Strategic Marketing Management (Level II Semester VII)MKT 2206EnglishMarketing
2010Supply Chain Management (Level II Semester VII)MKT 2212EnglishMarketing
2010Research method 2 (Level II Semester VII)MKT 2105EnglishMarketing