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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2010Intermediate Auditing - (Repeat) Level - I , Sem - IACT 1300EnglishAccounting
2010Management Accounting Application (Level I - Semester II)ACT 1301EnglishAccounting
2010Financial Reporting and Analysis (Level I - Semester II)ACT 1200EnglishAccounting
2010Advanced Financial Accounting (Level II seme V)ACT 2202EnglishAccounting
2010Advanced Management Accounting (Level II sem V)ACT 2203EnglishAccounting
2010Auditing Practices (Level II sem V)ACT 2202EnglishAccounting
2010Corporate Law (Level II seme V)ACT 2205EnglishAccounting
2010Financial Reporting Theory and Regulations (Level II sem V)ACT 2204EnglishAccounting
2010Accounting for non-profit Organization (Level II Semester VII)ACT 2217EnglishAccounting
2010Working Capital Management (Level II Semester VII)ACT 2216EnglishAccounting