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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2010Microeconomics - (Repeat) Level - I , Sem - IBEC 1200EnglishBusiness Economics
2010Macroeconomics (Level I - Semester II)BEC 1201EnglishBusiness Economics
2010International Trade Theory and Practice (Level II sem V)BEC 2201EnglishBusiness Economics
2010Comparative Economic Systems (Level II seme V)BEC 2219EnglishBusiness Economics
2010International Finance (Level II sem V)BEC 2204EnglishBusiness Economics
2010Industrial Economics (Level II seme V)BEC 2205EnglishBusiness Economics
2010Monetary Economics (Level II sem V)BEC 2202EnglishBusiness Economics
2010Econometrics (Level II sem V)BEC 2203EnglishBusiness Economics
2010Business Analysis for Economic Policy (Level II Semester VII)BEC 2209EnglishBusiness Economics
2010Sri Lanka Economy and Global Economic (Level II Semester VII)BEC 2200EnglishBusiness Economics