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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2017සංවර්ධනය පිළිබද සමාජ විද්‍යාවMAS 603SinhalaSociology
2017සමාජය හා පරිසරයMAS 611SinhalaSociology
2017Quantitative Data Analysis in Social ResearchMAS 616English / SinhalaSociology
2017Sociology of the City and Urban DevelopmentMAS 607English / SinhalaSociology
2017Qualitative Research MethodologyMAS 615English / SinhalaSociology
2017Sociology of Health and MedicineMAS 612English / SinhalaSociology
2017Sociological Research MethodsMAS 602English / SinhalaSociology
2017Sociology of EducationMAS 618English / SinhalaSociology
2017Sociology of ReligionMAS 617EnglishSociology
2017Sociological TheoryMAS 601English / SinhalaSociology