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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2017Advance Corporate Finance (First-half)MBAFI 601English-
2017Marketing Communication (First Half)MBAMK 611English-
2017Marketing Research (First Half)MBAMK 600English-
2017Buyer Behavior (First-half)MBAMK 601English-
2017Marketing Communication (First-half)MBAMK 611English-
2017Research Methods I (First-half)MBA 625English-
2017Seminar in Marketing (Semester III Second-half)MBAMK 602English-
2017Customer Service Management (Second- half)MBAMK 612English-
2017Research Methods II (Second-half)MBA 626English-
2017Seminar Contemporary Problems in Finance (Second Half)MBAFI 602English-