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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2016ජනගහන ගතිකයන් පවුල් සැලසුම් හා සෞඛ්‍යDMG 3142SinhalaDemography
2016Population ageing and elderly careDMG 3154Sinhala/ EnglishDemography
2016Regional DemographyDMG 3155Sinhala/ EnglishDemography
2016Population DynamicsDMG 3153Sinhala/ EnglishDemography
2016Fertility StudiesDMG 3148Sinhala/ EnglishDemography
2016Mortality StudiesDMG 3152Sinhala/ EnglishDemography
2016Ageing StudiesDMG 3147Sinhala/ EnglishDemography
2016Human Resources Development and Labour Market PlanningDMG 3245Sinhala/ EnglishDemography
2016Population Forecasting for Social and Economic PlanningDMG 3243Sinhala/ EnglishDemography
2016Population and Disaster ManagementDMG 3250Sinhala/ EnglishDemography