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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2016International SecurityINR 3164Sinhala/ EnglishInternational Relations
2016Peace ResearchINR 3144Sinhala/ EnglishInternational Relations
2016සම්භාව්‍ය සිංහල ගද්‍ය සාහිත්‍යයSLG 3141SinhalaSinhala
2016සිංහල සංස්කෘතිය පිළිබඳ හැඳින්වීමක්SLG 3144SinhalaSinhala
2016සිංහල නාට්‍ය සම්ප්‍රදායSLG 3158SinhalaSinhala
2016Ethnicity, Nation and Nation-StatesPSC 3146Sinhala/ English/ TamilPolitical Science
2016Methodologies and Approaches to Political SciencePSC 3150Sinhala/ English/ TamilPolitical Science
2016Main Currents in Political & Social Theory-IPSC 3148Sinhala/ English/ TamilPolitical Science
2016Gender Politics Theories and ConceptsPSC 3161Sinhala/ English/ TamilPolitical Science
2016සිංහල නාට්‍ය කලාවSLG 3143SinhalaSinhala