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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2018Project ManagementICT 3244English/ TamilComputer Teaching Unit
2018Multimedia Concepts and TheoryICT 3246Sinhala/ English/ TamilComputer Teaching Unit
2018Programming FundamentalsICT 3245Sinhala/ English/ TamilComputer Teaching Unit
2018Disaster Management and PreparednessGYG 3265Sinhala/ EnglishGeography
2018කලා විචාරය - න්‍යාය හා භාවිතයCMS 3247SinhalaJournalism Unit
2018Financial MarketsECN 3265Sinhala / English / TamilEconomics
2018Human Resource ManagementECN 3262Sinhala / English / TamilEconomics
2018Economics of financial markets and policyECN 3264EnglishEconomics
2018Transport Economics and Policy AnalysisECN 3282EnglishEconomics
2018Literature in Practice: Autobiographical WritingENG 3253EnglishEnglish