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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2017Human Computer InteractionICT 3141Sinhala/ EnglishComputer Teaching Unit
2017Data Communications and Computer Networks1CT 3143Sinhala/ EnglishComputer Teaching Unit
2017Development EconomicsECN 3176EnglishEconomics
2017Agriculture,Industry and SettlementsGYG 3148Sinhala/ English/ TamilGeography
2017Past Climate and Climate ChangeGYG 3150Sinhala/ English/ TamilGeography
2017Tropical EnvironmentGYG 3142Sinhala/ English/ TamilGeography
2017සම්භාව්‍ය සිංහල පද්‍ය කාව්‍ය (ප්‍රථම තරංගය)SLG 3156SinhalaSinhala
2017Environmental Pollution and ManagementGYG 3266Sinhala/ English/ TamilGeography
2017Second Language AssessmentESL 3245EnglishEnglish Language Teaching
2017Economics of Money, Banking and Financial MarketsECN 3264EnglishEconomics