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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2016Banking and Financial Market AnalysisDMF 014English / SinhalaEconomics
2016Social Networking and SME DevelopmentDMF 009English / SinhalaEconomics
2016Accountancy and Statistical AnalysisDTTEHM 03EnglishEconomics
2016Business Planning for MFIsDMF 005English / SinhalaEconomics
2016MF Product DevelopmentDMF 006EnglishEconomics
2016MF Delinquency ManagementDMF 007EnglishEconomics
2016Introduction to Information Technology in Travel and TourismDTTEHM 07EnglishEconomics
2016Hotel Management & Human Resource DevelopmentDTTEHM 06EnglishEconomics
2016Planning & Project Report PreparationDTTEHM 08EnglishEconomics
2016Economics of Travel and TourismDTTEHM 01EnglishEconomics