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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2013Project Planning and Appraisal (Semester III)MECON 510EnglishEconomics
2013Econometrics (Semester III)MECON 509EnglishEconomics
2014Statistics for Economists (Semester II)MECON 506EnglishEconomics
2014Development Economics (Semester II)MECON 507EnglishEconomics
2015International Economics (Semester I)MECON 504EnglishEconomics
2014Financial Economics (Semester II)MECON 508EnglishEconomics
2014Public Finance (Semester II)MECON 505EnglishEconomics
2015Quantitative Economics (Semester I)MECON 503EnglishEconomics
2015Econometrics (Semester III)MECON 509EnglishEconomics
2015Microeconomics (Semester I)MECON 501EnglishEconomics