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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2021Applied biogeography(Online)GYG 4182EnglishGeography
2021Aerial photo interpretationGYG 4173English / SinhalaGeography
2021ව්‍යවහාරික කාලගුණ විද්‍යාව සහ දේශගුණ විද්‍යාවGYG 4183SinhalaGeography
2021Physical environment of Sri LankaGYG 2133English / SinhalaGeography
2021Biodiversity and conservationGYG 2220English / SinhalaGeography
2021Locational models in geographyGYG 2232English / SinhalaGeography
2021Locational analysisGYG 2129English / SinhalaGeography
2021StatisticsGYG 2217EnglishGeography
2021Advanced agricultural geographyGYG 4179English/Sinhala/TamilGeography
2021Applied biogeographyGYG 4182English/Sinhala/TamilGeography