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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2017Understanding Sri Lankan Society and Cultural DiversitySOC 2228English / Sinhala / TamilSociology
2021United nations organizationINR 4191English/SinhalaInternational relations
2021United nations organizationINR 4191English / SinhalaInternational relations
2018United Nations OrganizationsINR 4191English / SinhalaInternational Relation
2016Unspecified Texts, Grammar & CompositionPLG 1202Sinhala/ EnglishBuddhist Studies
2016Urban and Rural Politics in Sri LankaPSC 2238Sinhala/ EnglishPolitical Science
2017Urban and Rural Politics in Sri LankaPSC 2238Sinhala / English / TamilPolitical Science
2016Urban Development and RelocationSOC 3270Sinhala/ EnglishSociology
2017Urban Development and RelocationSOC 3270Sinhala / English / TamilSociology
2017Urban enviroment and managementGYG 3264English / SinhalaGeography
2019Urban enviroment and managementGYG 3264English / SinhalaGeography
2018Urban Environment and ManagementGYG 3264Sinhala / English / TamilGeography
2018Urban environment and managementGYG 3264English / SinhalaGeography
2017Urban Social Issues and the Informal SectorSOC 2136Sinhala/ English/ TamilSociology
2017Urban Sociology: Theory and PracticeSOC 2133Sinhala/ English/ TamilSociology
2018Urban Sociology: Theory and PracticeSOC 2133English / SinhalaSociology
2018User centered databse designPGDISM 506EnglishPostgraduate diploma in information systems management
2019Vectors and matricesIA 1005EnglishInstrumentation and automation technology
2018Video Production TechniquesCMS 2216English/ Sinhala-
2018Vidio Production TechniquesCMS 2216English / Sinhala-