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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2019PasswordMRDP 6209EnglishFaculty of graduate studies
2017Past Climate and Climate ChangeGYG 3150Sinhala/ English/ TamilGeography
2016Past climate and climate change-EnglishGeography
2020Past climate and climate changeGYG 3150English / Sinhala / TamilGeography
2018Past Climate and Climate ChangesGYG 3150English / Sinhala / TamilGeography
2017PathologyFN 1213English-
2016Pathology - RepeatFN 1213English-
2017Peace building policy and practicesMCPS 6104English-
2016Peace DiplomacyINR 3141Sinhala/ EnglishInternational Relations
2017Peace DiplomacyINR 3141Sinhala/ EnglishInternational Relations
2018Peace DiplomacyINR 3141English / SinhalaInternational Relation
2016Peace ResearchINR 3144Sinhala/ EnglishInternational Relations
2017Peace ResearchINR 3144Sinhala/ EnglishInternational Relations
2018Peace ResearchINR 3144English / SinhalaInternational Relation
2017Peacebuilding - Theories and ConceptsINR 2228Sinhala / EnglishInternational Relations
2018Peacebuilding Theories and ConceptsINR 2228English / SinhalaInternational Relations
2016Peacebuilding: Theories and ConceptsINR 2228Sinhala/ EnglishInternational Relations
2019People Management in Global Context (Sem II)PgDLRHRM 5105EnglishFaculty of graduate studies
2018People Management in Global Context (Sem II)PgDLRHRM 5204EnglishFaculty of graduate studies
2022Performance and rewards managementHRM 3317EnglishHuman Resources Management