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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2017Knowledge ManagementHRM 2211EnglishHuman Resource Management
2016Knowledge ManagementHRM 2211EnglishHuman Resource Management
2018Knowledge ManagementHRM 2211EnglishHRM
2017Labor EconomicsBEC 2205EnglishBusiness Economics
2018Labor EconomicsECN 4197EnglishEconomics
2017Labor Law-English-
2020Labor Law-English/Sinhala/TamilPrivate and Comparative Law
2016Labour EconomicsBEC 2205EnglishBusiness Economics
2018Labour EconomicsBEC 2205EnglishBusiness Economics
2019Labour EconomicsECN 4197EnglishEconomics
2017Labour economicsPgDLRHRM 501EnglishFaculty of graduate studies
2021Labour economicsECN 4197EnglishEconomics
2021Labour economicsECN 4197EnglishEconomics
2010Labour Economics (Level II - Sem VI)BEC 2208EnglishBusiness Economics
2018Labour Economics (Sem I Repeat)PgD LRHRM 501EnglishFaculty of graduate studies
2018Labour Force Projection MethodsDMG 4168English / SinhalaDemography
2020Labour force projection methodsDMG 4168English / SinhalaDemography
2021Labour Force Projection MethodsDMG 4168English/SinhalaDemography
2021Labour force projection methodsDMG 4168English / SinhalaDemography
2016Labour Law-Sinhala/ English/ TamilPrivate and Comparative Law