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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2016Career Assessment (Semester IV- first half)MBAHR 615English-
2010Carrier Development (Level II - Sem VIII)HRM 2213EnglishHuman Resource Management
2017CartographyGYG 2128Sinhala/ English/ TamilGeography
2016CartographyGYG 1102Sinhala/ EnglishGeography
2017CartographyGYG 2128Sinhala/ English/ TamilGeography
2018CartographyGYG 1202Sinhala / English / TamilGeography
2017CartographyGYG 1202Sinhala/ English/ TamilGeography
2018CartographyGYG 2128English / Sinhala / TamilGeography
2018CartographyGYG 1102English / SinhalaGeography
2018CartographyGYG 1202English / Sinhala/ TamilGeography
2020CartographyGYG 1102EnglishGeography
2016Cartography/ සිතියම් විද්‍යාව/ படவரைகலைGYG 1202Sinhala/ English/ TamilGeography
2010Cases in Financial Reporting (Level II - Sem VIII)ACT 2218EnglishAccounting
2010Cases in Management Accounting (Level II - Sem VIII)ACT 2219EnglishAccounting
2016Central Banking and Financial RegulationECN 3267Sinhala/ EnglishEconomics
2018Central Banking and Financial RegulationECM 3267Sinhala / English / TamilEconomics
2021Change ManagementACT 3216EnglishAccounting
2016Charismatic Leadership for Organizational Transformation (Semester IV First half))MBAGM 611 AEnglish-
2016Charismatic Leadership for Organizational Transformation (Semester IV First half))MBAGM 611English-
2018Chemicals in the EnvironmentET 1008EnglishEnvironmental technology