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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2019Foundation Course in English - Level 3FNDE 1108EnglishEnglish Language Teaching
2019Foundation Course in English - Level 4FNDE 1108EnglishEnglish Language Teaching
2018Front Office ManagementHLM 2302English-
2010Functional English (Repeat) Level - I , Sem - IMGT 1107English-
2017Functional English and Basic Academic WritingMOS 1200EnglishManagement & Organization Studies
2018Functional English and Basic Academic Writing (Repeat)MOS 1200EnglishManagement & Organization Studies
2017Fundamental of MarketingEDM 101English-
2017Fundamentals of economicsPgDEM 5302-EnglishFaculty of graduate studies
2017Fundamentals of Hospitality BusinessHLM 2300EnglishMarketing
2018Fundamentals of information systems and new trendsMISM 6101EnglishMasters in information systems management
2018Fundamentals of Management (Sem I)PgDLRHRM 5102EnglishFaculty of graduate studies
2019Fundamentals of Management 5102 (Sem II)PgDLRHRM 5102EnglishFaculty of graduate studies
2018Fundamentals of MarketingEDM 101English-
2017Fundamentals of Nursing IFN 1420English-
2016Fundamentals of nursing IIFN 2702English-
2016Fundamentals of Nursing IIIFN 2407English-
2017Fundamentals of SociologySOC 1101Sinhala/ English/ TamilSociology
2016Fundamentals of SociologySOC 1101Sinhala/ EnglishSociology
2018Fundamentals of SociologySOC 1101English / Sinhala / TamilSociology
2017Fundamentals of Sociology/ සමාජ විද්‍යාවේ මුලිකාංග/ சமுகவியலின் அடிப்படைகள்SOC 1101Sinhala/ English/ TamilSociology