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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2020Demography for urban planing and policyDMG 4179English / SinhalaDemography
2018Demography for urban planning and policyDMG 4179English / SinhalaDemography
2021Demography for Urban Planning and PolicyDMG 4179English/SinhalaDemography
2021Demography for urban planning and policyDMG 4179English / SinhalaDemography
2017Demography of Sri LankaDMG 1204English / SinhalaDemography
2016Demography of Sri Lanka/ ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ ප්‍රජා විද්‍යාවDMG 1204Sinhala/ EnglishDemography
2016Demography of the FamilyDMG 2221Sinhala/ EnglishDemography
2018Demography of the familyDMG 2221English / Sinhala-
2017Demography of the Family - පවුල් ප්‍රජාවිද්‍යාවDMG 2221:Sinhala/ EnglishDemography
2021Deomcracy and democratizationPSC 4190English/Sinhala/TamilPolitical Science and Public Policy
2017Derivatives & Alternative InvestmentsFIN 2204EnglishFinance
2018Derivatives & Alternative InvestmentsFIN 2204EnglishFinance
2016Derivatives and Alternative InvestmentsFIN 2204EnglishFinance
2022Derivatives and alternative investmentsFIN 4240EnglishFinance
2017Destination ManagementHLM 2210EnglishMarketing
2018Destination ManagementHLM 2210English-
2017Destination MarketingMKT 2209EnglishMarketing
2018Destination MarketingMKT 2209EnglishMarketing
2022Destination marketingMKT 4241EnglishMarketing
2010Development Economics (Level II - Sem VIII)BEC 2207EnglishBusiness Economics