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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2016Advanced Corporate Finance (Second half)MBAFI 601English-
2017Advanced Corporate Finance (Semester III Second-half)MBAFI 601English-
2016Advanced Demographic AnalysisDMA 601EnglishDemography
2018Advanced Demographic AnalysisDMG 4166English / SinhalaDemography
2020Advanced demographic analysisDMG 4166English / SinhalaDemography
2021Advanced Demographic AnalysisDMG 4166English/SinhalaDemography
2021Advanced demographic analysisDMG 4166English / SinhalaDemography
2019Advanced Econometrics time Series Financial Sector Economic ModelsECN 4190/4194EnglishEconomics
2010Advanced Economic Theory (Level I - Sem III)BEC 1202EnglishBusiness Economics
2023Advanced finanacial accountingACT 2311EnglishAccounting
2018Advanced Financial AccountingACT 2311EnglishAccounting
2016Advanced Financial AccountingACT 1200EnglishAccounting
2017Advanced Financial AccountingACT 1200EnglishAccounting
2010Advanced Financial Accounting (Level II seme V)ACT 2202EnglishAccounting
2018Advanced Financial Accounting (Repeat)ACT 1200EnglishAccounting
2017Advanced GeomorphologyGYG 2126Sinhala/ EnglishGeography
2017Advanced GeomorphologyGYG 2126Sinhala/ English/ TamilGeography
2018Advanced GeomorphologyGYG 2126English / Sinhala / TamilGeography
2021Advanced industrial geograhpyGYG 4194English/SinhalaGeography
2018Advanced Industrial GeographyGYG 4194English / SinhalaGeography