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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2019StatisticsGYG 2217EnglishGeography
2021StatisticsGYG 2217EnglishGeography
2021StatisticsDMG 4162English/SinhalaDemography
2021StatisticsDMG 4162English / SinhalaDemography
2014Statistics for Economists (Semester II)MECON 506EnglishEconomics
2016Statistics for Economists (Semester II)MECON 506EnglishEconomics
2017Strategic FinanceFIN 2200EnglishFinance
2016Strategic FinanceFIN 2200EnglishFinance
2018Strategic FinanceFIN 2200EnglishFinance
2010Strategic Finance (Level II Semester VII)FIN 2202EnglishFinance
2017Strategic Finance (Semester III First-half)MBAFI 600English-
2016Strategic Human Resource ManagementHRM 2202EnglishHuman Resource Management
2017Strategic Human Resource ManagementHRM 2202EnglishHuman Resource Management
2018Strategic Human Resource ManagementHRM 2202EnglishHRM
2010Strategic Human Resource Management (Level II Semester VII)HRM 2204EnglishHuman Resource Management
2017Strategic Human Resource Management (Second half)MBAHR 600English-
2016Strategic Human Resources Management (Second half)MBAHR 600English-
2018Strategic information systems and managementPGDISM 502EnglishPostgraduate diploma in information systems management
2017Strategic ManagementBEC 2310EnglishBusiness Economics
2017Strategic ManagementFIN 2310EnglishFinance