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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2018Theory and Practice of BankingFIN 2304EnglishFinance
2022Theory and practice of bankingFin 3315EnglishFinance
2018Theravada abhidamma studiesBST 3252EnglishBuddhist studies
2018Time Series Econometrics- Financial Sector Econometric ModelsECN 4190/94EnglishEconomics
2010Total Quality Management (Level II seme V)MGT 2202English-
2017Total Quality ManufacturingPgDMM 506EnglishFaculty of graduate studies
2018Total Quality ManufacturingPgDMM 5106EnglishFaculty of graduate studies
2016Tourism and developmentMRDP 510EnglishFaculty of graduate studies
2019Tourism and developmentMRDP 6208EnglishFaculty of graduate studies
2017Tourism and Leisure ManagementHLM 2301EnglishMarketing
2018Tourism Economics and Hotel ManagementENH 3247Sinhala / English-
2018Tourism Economics and Hotel ManagementENH 3147English / Sinhala-
2016Tourism Marketing and Destination PromotionPg. DTEHM C502EnglishEconomics
2016Tourism Operation for Destination DevelopmentPg. DTEHM C501EnglishEconomics
2018Tourism Planning and Development AdministrationDTEHM C506EnglishEconomics
2016Tourism Planning and Development Administration (Semester II)DTEHM C506EnglishEconomics
2018Tourism Product Designing and Quality Advancement (Semester II)DTEHM S506EnglishEconomics
2020Trade FacilitationECN 4171EnglishEconomics
2017Training and DevelopmentHRM 2300EnglishHuman Resource Management
2010Training and Development (Level II seme V)HRM 2200EnglishHuman Resource Management