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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2017Roman Law-Sinhala/ English/ TamilPrivate and Comparative Law
2018Roman Law-English / Sinhala / TamilPrivate and Comparative Law
2019Roman Law-English / Sinhala / TamilPrivate and Comparative Law
2021Roman Law-English/Sinhala/TamilPrivate and Comparative Law
2020Roman Law 1-Sinhala/ English/ TamilPublic & International Law
2019Roman Law(Online) Repeat-English/Sinhala/TamilPrivate and Comparative Law
2016The Romantic AgeENG 3165EnglishEnglish
2017The Romantic AgeENG 3165EnglishEnglish
2018The Romantic AgeENG 3165EnglishEnglish
2016Rural and Regional DevelopmentGYG 4284Sinhala/ English/ TamilGeography
2018Rural and Regional DevelopmentGYG 4284Sinhala / English / TamilGeography
2017Rural and Regional DevelopmentPgDED 5212EnglishEconomics
2018Rural and Regional DevelopmentGYG 4184English / Sinhala / TamilGeography
2020Rural and Regional developmentGYG 4184English / Sinhala/ TamilGeography
2019Rural and regional developmentGYG 4184EnglishGeography
2020Rural and regional developmentGYG 4184EnglishGeography
2018Rural and regionla developmentGYG 4284EnglishGeography
2017Rural Development and Agricultural MarketingECN 2125/ENH 2110Sinhala/ EnglishEconomics
2017Rural Development and Agricultural Marketing;ECN 2225Sinhal / EnglishEconomics
2019Russia since World War IIINR 4187English / SinhalaInternational Relations