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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2019BiogeographyGYG 3153EnglishGeography
2020BiogeographyGYG 3153EnglishGeography
2017Brand ManagementMKT 2300EnglishMarketing
2010Brand Management (Level II seme V)MKT 2203EnglishMarketing
2018Buddhist economic and political thoughtBST 3251EnglishBuddhist studies
2017Buddhist Literary Sources Studies 2: Buddhist Social PhilosophyBST 2231EnglishBuddhist Studies
2018Buddhist Literary Sources Studies 4 - Basic Pali Language for BeginnersBST 3158EnglishBuddhist Studies
2019Buddhist literary sources studies 4, basic pali language for beginnersBST 3158EnglishBuddhist studies
2019Buddhist literary sources studies II, buddhist socialBST 2231EnglishBuddhist studies
2019Buddhist literary sources-03- School of buddhist thoughtBST 3259EnglishBuddhist studies
2018Buddhist social PhiiosophyBST 2231EnglishBuddhist studies
2017Buddhist Social PhilosophyBST 2224SinhalaBuddhist Studies
2018Buddhist social PhilosophyBST 2231EnglishBuddhist Study
2018Buddhist social philosophyBST 2231EnglishBuddhist studies
2010Business & Finance Forecasting (Level II - Sem VI)FIN 2103EnglishFinance
2016Business Analysis and Valuation (First half)MBAFI 617English-
2010Business Analysis for Economic Policy (Level II Semester VII)BEC 2209EnglishBusiness Economics
2016Business and Financial AnalysisECN 2230EnglishEconomics
2017Business and Financial AnalysisECN 2230EnglishEconomics
2010Business and Government (Level II Semester VII)MGT 2211English-