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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2017Introduction to Data AnalysisDMG / FND 1202Sinhala / English / TamilDemography
2018Introduction to Data AnalysisDMG/FND 1202English / Sinhala/ TamilDemography
2017Introduction to DemographyDMG 1101Sinhala/ EnglishDemography
2016Introduction to DemographyDMG 1101Sinhala/ EnglishDemography
2018Introduction to DemographyDMG 1101English / SinhalaDemography
2016Introduction to Demography/ ප්‍රජාවිද්‍යාව පිළිබඳ හැඳින්වීමDMG 1101Sinhala/ EnglishDemography
2017Introduction to Drama and FictionENG 1103EnglishEnglish
2016Introduction to Drama and FictionENG 1103EnglishEnglish
2017Introduction to ecologyPgDEM 5301EnglishFaculty of graduate studies
2017Introduction to EconometricsECN 3145EnglishEconomics
2017Introduction to English as a Second LanguageESL 1202EnglishEnglish Teaching Language
2018Introduction to English as a second languageESL 1202EnglishEnglish Teaching Language
2015Introduction to Fiction and DramaFCT 1103EnglishSinhala
2017Introduction to Fiction and DramaENG 1103EnglishEnglish
2018Introduction to FinanceECN 2113English / TamilEconomics
2018Introduction to FinanceECN 2213EnglishEconomics
2018Introduction to FinannceECN 2213EnglishEconomics
2018Introduction to GISGYG 3259Sinhala / EnglishGeography
2019Introduction to GISET 2016EnglishEnvironmental technology
2020Introduction to GISGYG 3159English / SinhalaGeography